Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looking for an opportunity

I would love to have the opportunity to assist a photographer, even if it's on a part time basis or project basis.
Besides my obvious love for nature (animals, landscapes and such) I really want to start bulding my experience in more "human" matters:) like photojournalism: weddings and so on and even fashion shootings.
I believe I am ready to do an event on my own but since I'm not signed yet, and nobody knows if I'm really good or not (but me hihi), I am ready to get my feet wet and start from zero. I wouldn't mind at all, since photography is what I love most and plan on doing it ...for as long as I can carry a camera:)

I am sure I can be of help and would appreciate greatly this biiiig opportunity.
So, if you know someone who knows someones who's a photographer and needs an assistant or if you know someone who knows someone who need a second photographer for fashion, corporate events, weddings...please let me know.

Some of my works can be found online at :


Kisses and many thanks (in advance)

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